Employee-Management – May 14, 2012

TEA items of discussion:

  • Review of May agenda
    • Because the May meeting has been delayed until May 31, this agenda is in very draft form.  A more final agenda will be sent to Wendy the week of the board meeting.

Current job postings were reviewed.

  •  Tentative requests for aides for 2012/2013 were discussed; these will become more final as enrollment numbers settle.
  •  Possibility of including students before junior year to help grow enrollment was discussed; this will be implemented on a limited basis for 2012/2013 school year and further details will be determined for future years.
  •  Compensation for extra hours for the culinary arts instructor position was discussed, based on past practice.
  •  Retirement Reception to be held on May 31, 2012, in Student Activity Center at 3 p.m. Mary will send email invitation to staff as well as previous Superintendents and Administrators.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Thanks to Wendy and Rob for cooking us breakfast today! It was great. My favorite was a blueberry-chocolate chip pancake.

We are lucky to work together and the TEA leadership team is proud of all the hard work that our association members do.

Employee Management Minutes April 2012

Attendance:  Wendy Nichols, Rob Christman, Deborah Smith, Kim Davis, Mary Davis, Pam Orr

Board Agenda Item of Note:

  1.  Congratulations to the following teachers on being awarded continuing contracts:  Virginia Bicknell, Lisa Dale-Press, Jennifer Hanhilammi, Jennifer Moffett, Robert Swartzentruber, John Thomas.
  2.  Question was raised as to the status of Jenni H’s part-time vs. full-time status.  Arguments were put forward in support of return to full-time.  Mrs. Davis stated that she cannot say yet.
  3.  Question was raised concerning the continuation of  furloughs by the admin.  Mrs. Davis stated that this is “not a necessity.”

TEA Items of Discussion:

  1. Pam Orr responded to questions of use of rotary accounts to benefit students.  She will meet with C-T instructors Monday afternoon who do customer service to outline procedures and answer questions.
  2.  Extended service contracts were discussed and specific requests were made to support Susie, Maggie, and Christina.
  3.  Home Visits—a letter should be going out shortly outlining parameters.  Previous suggestions from TEA leadership appear to be incorporated within these including allowances for visits to returning seniors and new students; and allowances for new teachers hired late to complete visits after the start of school.
  4.  OTES  It was agreed that we need to meet soon to discuss the logistics of collaboration on the OTES model.  TEA leaders had applied for PD on May 25  sponsored by ODE.  Mrs. Davis suggested that this would not be approved and might better be attended during the summer.  TEA has our team in place.  The Admin team will consist of Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Ramey, Mrs. Strebe, Mr. Kiger, and Mrs. Blachly.

TEA Silent Auction

TEA Scholarship Auction Items
For March 29

  • OSU Basketball Polo Shirt from Deborah Smith
  • Cameron Mitchell Restaurant Gift Card $25 from Jim Scott
  •  2 rounds of Golf from the Golf Club of Dublin
  •  OSU tin of Buckeyes and Cheryl’s Cookies from Glenna Texler
  •  Baked Items from Rob Christman
  •  Paula Deen Toffee Rum Sauce (great for ice cream) from Wendy Nichols
  •  Appetizer and Dessert Party Package from Gail Bennett
  •  Lunch the last week of school from Maggie Gates
  •  Embroidery of choice(you supply item) from Micki Rubright
  •  Embroidery of choice (you supply item) from Micki Rubright
  •  Peanut Butter Pie from Cathie Bernowski
  •  Chocolate Pie from Cathie Bernowski
  •  Funky Monkey Charms (choose from 3) from Steve McGhee
  •  Decorative Treasure Box from Kelly Marquis
  •  Easter Basket from ??????
  • OSU fleece blanket

March 12, 2012 Employee Management Minutes

Employee-Management Minutes
March 12, 2012

Present: Wendy Nichols, Christina Stoutenburg, Jim Scott, Kim Davis
Board Agenda Items of Note:
1. Administrative Contract Renewals
2 year contracts: Eric Bauerle, Allen Kiger, Jay Poroda, Connie Strebe

2. Retirement Resignations
Kathy Zay-Levi
George Chambers
Sandra Chamberlain
We will miss these teachers and more importantly education will miss them.

TEA Items of Discussion:
1. Extended Service Contracts discussed. Contractual service was reviewed—LPDC and Mentors. Traditional extended service discussed—school counselors the librarian. Etc. See Wendy for clarification.

2. Home Visits: explored Mrs. Davis’ philosophy. She is very supportive of home visits within financial constraints. The past model was shared and also new scenarios such as home visits once school commences. See Jim for clarification.

Budgets, supply accounts, and rotary accounts: Reviewed past practice with Mrs. Davis requesting direction and clarification especially on rotary accounts. See Jim for clarification.

3. iPads: Concerns on the distribution or lack thereof for the iPads was discussed in length. The frustration of the staff was shared along with the history of the distribution, collection, reimaging, and then shelving of the iPads. It was agreed that lack of conversation added to the frustration and perception that teachers’ needs were being ignored. It was noted that supervisors still have their iPads despite varying useage. See Christina for clarification.

4. Evaluations: The contractual history of evaluations was shared. This discussion related to the necessity next year to create a Tolles model of the OTES state requirement. An evaluation committee (TEA and admin) will meet next year to collaborate on the creation, implementation, and approval of this model. OEA will provide free training for members on March 27. Contact Wendy Nichols for clarification.

5K Charity Walk or Run

Did you know that humans are still being sold in the United States? Did you know that 60-90 victims are forced into the sex trade in Franklin County every year?

Join others from your Tolles’ family in a 5K walk or run to raise money and awareness for this issue. The course is an out-and-back along Heritage Rail Trail in Hilliard.

When: March 24 @ 10:00
Where: Hilliard Darby High School

The purpose of this 5k is to fight human trafficking here in Central Ohio and around the world. All proceeds from this 5k will go to benefit Rahab’s Hideaway – a safehaven for Central Ohio victims of human trafficking. The race will feature many ways for you to take action and fight trafficking.

To register and to learn more, visit

We will be making a team shirt so please sign up on the orange bulletin board in the faculty area to either run or walk. We will order shirts March 1, so be sure to plan ahead.